“The answers are in your questions.”
-Mike Klinger
"Question is the answer" aims at bringing together the questioning minds that are making the world a better place to live in. 
We live our lives by our gathered learnings. Our learnings, on one side, take us to the answers, while on the other they might hinder the path leading towards the best answer. To reach answers that best solve a problem, we need to first question our pool of learnings. We need to question to unlearn, to learn. 
Unlearning and learning is a continuous change and the moment to initiate change is "now". Now is when the inspirations of ideas happen. Now is when the story of an idea starts. Questioning now can break the monotonous patterns that our lives have got moulded into. 

Ideas and epiphanies are the agents of change but what drives them all are the insightful questions. We all await moments of inspiration. It is our ability to question now that can be the perfect catalyst in creating that change we all have been inspiring for.
This process of inquiring, inspiring and innovating in the present will help us to open the box of immense potential we have within us and venture into unknown vistas. This spirit would be reflected through our speakers and help opening new horizons for our audience

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